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Clasclás 2023:  allegro, ma non troppo!

The Clasclás International Classical Music Festival, which this year reaches its 6th edition, will take place between Monday, June 26 and Saturday, July 1.

The Festival maintains the celebration dates in the last week of June, as in previous editions, consolidating this event on the institutional, musical, artistic and public agenda.

The Guarneri Trio of Prague repeats as Artistic Director due to the success achieved in previous editions, with unforgettable concerts performed by this legendary formation to which are added, every year, different formations and/or artists who are invited to join them at the festival and that have the requirements of high artistic quality and proven interpretive solvency that the Trio considers essential for their participation in the clasclás.

The Artistic Direction chooses each year a demanding and varied program so that the festival audience can enjoy it more and more. Our audience is what makes it possible for the festival to reach its 6th edition, as they constantly show us their interest, commitment and gratitude by selling out concert tickets.


In 2023, the festival will maintain its design and structure divided into four different programs:

- The Artistic Program, directed by the Guarneri Trio of Prague.

- The Masterclass Program, which is carried out by the Artistic Direction as well as other invited artists.

- The Social and Community Program, which is enjoyed by more than 400 people with different abilities from twenty associations and organizations.

- The “clasclás a pie de calle” program in which different groups from the Conservatory and the Municipal School of Music go out to the streets to make the clasclás an event that will be enjoyed not only by those attending the concerts, but also by the general public with performances in different squares and spaces of cultural interest in our city.


The motto that accompanies the image of the festival in this edition is Allegro, ma non troppo! a tempo used in music by composers such as Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich etc .. to name a few. Composers who put music to the clasclás soundtrack.


The final program of the Festival will be presented to the media at the beginning of May 2023, and in it the Artistic Program of this 6th edition will be announced with the artists that will accompany the Guarneri Trio from Prague, the places and times of the concerts and the system for collecting invitations and tickets for Festival concerts, as well as the more detailed organization of the different clasclás programs.

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