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Clasclás 2023:  allegro, ma non troppo!

The 'International Festival of Classical Music of Vilagarcía de Arousa clasclás', a reference in Galicia and with great prestige in Spain, will celebrate its sixth edition from June 26 to July 1 with six concerts by renowned national artists (Quarteto Quiroga, La Ritirata, Azahar Ensemble) and international (Guarneri Trio of Prague, Cello Republic, Marek Kozák), five of them being free of charge.

In addition to this excellent artistic program, it offered its 'Masterclass Program' with the artists themselves teaching young students, the traditional concert of the 'Social and Community Program' for 400 spectators from 20 associations with different abilities and the 'clasclás a pie de calle', which filled the town with music as a preamble to the festival.


The festival opened its sixth edition with a performance by the Guarneri Trio Prague, one of the trios recognized in the world of music with an impeccable career that already celebrates 37 years. Čeněk Pavlík (violin), Marek Jerie (cello) and Ivan Klánský (piano) performed works by Suk, Brahms and Schubert. Since 1986, the training has remained intact, testimony to the high quality of musicians as people and of the intense friendship that keeps them together.


Guarneri Trio Praga - Inaugural Concert

The Guarneri Trio from Prague, is one of the most renowned piano trios in the world of classical music with an impeccable track record. Founded by Ivan Klanský, Čeněk Pavlík y marek jerie, already early in their career they attracted the attention of the international press with their artistically spectacular performances.


- J. Suk :: Elexía Op. 23 para violín, violonchelo e piano

- J. Brahms :: Trío para piano, violín e violonchelo Op. 8 en Si maior

I. Allegro con brio

II. Scherzo. Allegro molto

III. Adagio

IV. Finale. Allegro

- F. Schubert :: Trío para piano, violín e violonchelo Op. 100 en Mi b maior

I. Allegro

II. Andante con moto

III. Scherzando. Allegro moderato

IV. Allegro moderato

Marek Kozak

At the age of just twenty-eight, the piano virtuoso Marek Kozák has achieved a series of impressive results in a wide range of prestigous competitions. His most recent honour in 2021 is the laureate title in the highly demanding Councours Geza Anda Zurich.


- J.S. Bach :: Preludio e Fuga nº 9 BWV 854 en Mi maior Preludio e Fuga nº 10 BWV 855 en Mi menor 

- J.S. Bach / S. Rachmaninov ::


Suite da Partita para violín BWV 1006 en Mi maior


I. Preludio 

II. Gavotte 

III. Giga


- F. Mendelssohn - Bartholdy ::


Preludio e Fuga Op. 35 en Mi menor Rondó capriccioso Op. 14 en Mi maior


- F. Mendelssohn - Bartholdy / S. Rachmaninov :: Scherzo do “Sono dunha noite de verán” 

- S. Rachmaninov :: 

Variacións sobre un Tema de Corelli Op. 42

Preludio Op. 23 nº 4 en Re maior

Preludio Op. 23 nº 3 en Re menor

Etude - Tableaux Op. 39 nº 8 en Re menor

Etude - Tableaux Op. 39 nº 9 en Re maior

Azahar Ensemble

After winning 2nd prize and the Audience Award of the 63rd ARD International Music Competition in Munich (1st prize was declared void), Azahar Ensemble started an international career that has taken them to perform in many prestigious concert halls, such as Musikverein in Vienna, Philharmonie in Berlin, Prinzregententeather in Munich, Philharmonaie in Essen, Mozarteum in Salzburg, and festivals like Mozartfest in Würzburg, International Festival in Santander and Festpielhaus in Baden-Baden, among others.


- W.A. Mozart :: Adagio e Allegro KV 594 en Fa menor 

- J.B. Foerster :: Quinteto para ventos Op. 95


I. Allegro moderato - Un poco meno mosso - Meno mosso (quasi Andante) 

II. Andante sostenuto 

III. Allegro scherzando (due batutte) 

IV. Moderato e tranquillo - Allegro moderato


- M. Ravel :: Ma mère l´Oye


I. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant. Lent 

II. Petit Poucet. Très modéré 

III. Laideronnette, Impératrice des pagodes. Mouvement de Marche 

IV. Les entretiens de la Belle et de la Bête. Mouvement de Valse très modéré 

V. Le jardin féerique. Lent et grave


- J. Turina :: Cinco Danzas Xitanas Op. 55


I. Zambra 

II. Danza da sedución 

III. Danza ritual

IV. Generalife 

V. Sacromonte

La Ritirata

Founded by Josetxu Obregón when he was based in The Netherlands, the ensemble La Ritirata takes its name from the final movement of the famous quintet composed by Luigi Boccherini in Spain, entitled “La musica notturna delle strade di Madrid”.

Dedicated to combining accurate historical awareness (through a knowledge of the instruments and aesthetics of a composer’s time) with the highest levels of artistic quality, La Ritirata is at home in Baroque musical traditions from all across Europe; Bach and Handel figure in the ensemble’s programmes as much as Italian and Spanish composers from the courtly traditions of Early Baroque who feature on the Glossa album Il Spiritillo Brando. And naturally, given the Boccherinian reference in its name, La Ritirata holds a special place in its heart for the Classical era composer from Lucca who settled in Spain: programmes of cello sonatas, string trios and other chamber works feature in the group’s repertory.



Il Spiritillo Brando


- G.A. Pandolfi Mealli :: Sonata Op. 3 nº 4 “La Castella” 

- A. Falconieri :: Corrente detta L’Auellina Corriente dicha la Cuella Il Spiritillo Brando Brando dicho el Melo 

- D. Gabrielli :: Ricercare VI per violoncello solo 

- G.M. Jacchini :: Sonata per Camera Op. 1 nº 8 en La menor 

- G. Sanz :: Españoletas 

- D. Ortiz :: Recercadas sobre la canción “Doulce Memoire” 

- A. Falconieri :: Alemana dicha Villega La Benedetta Corriente dicha la Mota, echa por Don Pedro de la Mota 

- B. de Selma y Salaverde :: Fantasia a basso solo 

- G.B. Vitali :: Toccata e Bergamasca per la lettera B 

- G.G. Kapsberger :: Villan di Spagna 

- A. Falconieri :: La suave melodía 

- D. Ortiz :: Recercadas sobre tenores italianos

Cuarteto Quiroga

Cuarteto Quiroga, recent winner of Spain’s National Music Prize and appointed first quartet-in-residence in charge of the Royal Collection of decorated Stradivarius at Madrid’s Royal Palace, has established itself as one of the most dynamic and unique quartets of its generation, winning international acclaim from critics and audiences alike for its distinctive personality as well as its bold and original approach to the string quartet repertoire. The quartet honours the memory of galician violinist Manuel Quiroga, one of the most outstanding instrumentalist of spanish music history.


- J. Haydn :: Cuarteto para cordas Hob:III Op. 42 en Re menor


I. Andante ed innocentemente 

II. Minuet - Trio 

III. Adagio cantabile 

IV. Finale. Presto


- B. Bartók :: Cuarteto para cordas nº 3 Sz. 85 en Do # menor


I. Prima parte: Moderato 

II. Seconda parte: Allegro 

III. Recapitulazione della prima parte: Moderato 

IV. Coda: Allegro molto


- J. Brahms :: Cuarteto para cordas Op. 51 nº 1 en Do menor


I. Allegro 

II. Romanze. Poco adagio 

III. Allegretto molto moderato e comodo - un poco più animato 

IV. Allegro

Cello Republic

Winners of cello competitions, soloists and entertainers who keep the highest musical standard along their concerts. These guys has gained fame at concerts as well as on YouTube all around the world. They leave behind sold-out halls, original concert experiences and millions of views.

Despite the fall apart of the original line up of the Prague Cello Quartet, they continue with their artistic vision to make music at the highest level, with originally elaborated arrangements and a proper dose of humor.


- Jaroslav Ježek :: O ceo na terra 

- Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky :: Variacións Rococó 

- Antonín Dvořák :: Humoresca 

- Aram Kachaturian :: Danza do sable 

- Frank Sinatra :: I have got world on a string 

- Django Reinhardt :: Belleville 

- Pat Ballard :: Mr. Sandman 

- Andrew Lloyd Webber :: Heaven in their minds, de Jesucristo Superstar Memory, de Cats 

- Vittorio Monti :: Czárdás 

- Stevie Wonder :: I wish 

- Freddie Mercury :: Don´t stop me now Bohemian Rhapsody 

- Andrew Lloyd Webber :: All I ask, de O Pantasma da Ópera Overtura, de O Pantasma da Ópera


The 'Masterclasses programme', the festival's educational project with the participation of students from the Vilagarcía Professional Music Conservatory and other centers from Galicia, had the artists themselves as teachers: Marek Kozák, Azahar Ensemble, Guarneri Trio from Prague and La Ritirata. A selection of students participating in the program performed together with the Guarneri Trio from Prague on July 1 at the Pazo de Rubianes in Vilagarcía.

Clasclás A Pé de Rúa

The preamble to the festival was the program 'clasclás a pie de calle', in which groups

of the Conservatory and the Municipal School of Music took to the streets on June 24 and 25

to perform in different squares and spaces of cultural interest in the town of Vilagarcía.

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