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Elisabeth Leonskaja is in possession of the highest artistic honors internationally. We are talking about an artist who climbed to heights achieved by the greatest, not only of today, but of an entire era. Unique and legendary artist who will take a fantastic tour of the history of the piano from the 18th to the 20th centuries in the inaugural concert of this VII edition

Adolfo Gutiérrez is a Spanish cellist with a renowned and extensive career. Malcom Martineu developed a long career in the field of vocal accompaniment, earning the Order of the British Empire for his contribution to new performers. They will perform a repertoire of enormous beauty and artistic depth.


Elisabeth Leonskaja will once again take the clasp stage accompanied by the promising Kandinsky Quartet, whom she has been sponsoring for some time, to perform two monumental quintets for piano and strings. Double bassist Dominik Wagner will join them in the "La trout" Quintet

Judith Jáuregui and the Gerhard Quartet already form a stable union over time. Judith, with an impeccable performance, repeats the clasclás for the second time. The Gerhard Quartet is considered one of the most outstanding of her generation. With them we will make a joint tribute to Spanish music and Czech tradition.

Josef Špaček is considered one of the best Czech violinists today for his pure tone and careful low register. Miroslav Sekera has been awarded internationally in various piano competitions. They have been a stable duo for years and with them we will celebrate the year of Czech music.

Vocalia Taldea is a project that is crystallized by the efforts and concerns of a group of professional music musicians from the Basque Country. Its aim is to focus on the firm intention of being a stable vocal group that accesses a repertoire that, for reasons of musical and vocal essence, cannot be performed regularly.

clasclás matinée

Concert:, today-yesterday...

clasclás matinée

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