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SATURDAY, JUNE 29 | 12H. | Pazo de Rubiáns

Four musicians from different corners of Europe meet in Santiago de

Compostela: Ildikó Oltai, Irina Gruia, loana Ciobotaru and Millán Abeledo. All of them, members of Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia, decide to join together and form a stable string quartet.

The Novecento Quartet offers more than just a regular repertoire: it focuses on written music at the end of Impressionism to cover the entire 20th century. Little known music but always. fun, sensitive and original. The Novecento Quartet wants, on its own initiative, to present one different and differentiated proposal that completes the panorama of Santiago chamber music Compostela.

The first concert of the Novecento Quartet was held in June 2016 at the Paraninfo da

University of Santiago de Compostela with great success among the public and critics.

It is worth highlighting his participation in different chamber music programs of the

University of Santiago de Compostela, Vigo Philharmonic Society, Music Series

Religious of Barcia de Mera, Philharmonic Society of Rías Baixas, Philharmonic Society of Monforte de Lemos, Pontevedra Philharmonic Society, Girls Harp Festival, Association Friends of the Santiago de Compostela Opera, among others.

In 2018 he collaborated on the album "Fios de ouro no ár" by Galician musician Rodrigo Romaní. The same This year she promoted the “Women Composers” cycle at the University of Santiago de Compostela. by commissioned by the Betanzos City Council, he premiered the String Quartets no. 4 and nº11 of the composer

The Galician Carlos López García-Picos.


Their most recent and important project is their first CD, a recording that represents one strong impulse for the Novecento Quartet to advance in its interpretive work, in addition to represent a significant milestone for Galician chamber music when presented in the catalog prestigious Brilliant Classics label of 2023. 0 CD is composed of three Quartets unpublished Galician strings, from three different centuries: Marcial de Adalid, 19th century, Pepito Arriola, 20th century and Juan Durán, contemporary Galician composer, 21st century.

11:00 horas visita ao Pazo

12:00 horas Concerto

13:00 horas degustación


Marcial del Adalid (1826 - 1881) :: Cuarteto de cordas en Sol maior, op 16

Giacomo Puccini (1858 - 1924) :: Minueto e fuga

Gabriel Faure (1845 -1924) :: Pavane

Giacomo Puccini :: Cuarteto en un movemento

Giacomo Puccini :: Crisantemi

Joaquin Turina (1882 – 1949):: Oración del torrero (8 minutos)

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