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Clasclás 2021:  carpe  diem!

The IV edition of the Vilagarcía de Arousa International Music Festival, clasclás, was born, grew and developed immersed in a global pandemic caused by the SARS - COV 2 virus.


In these absolutely exceptional and unique circumstances and from Vilagarcía we propose a festival under the universal motto carpe diem with MUSIC again as a unifying task and with special attention to the artists, those already established who direct the festival on this occasion and the newest ones that will accompany them in their development.


All of them are being hit really hard nowadays and in a very unequal way, representing two very visible and opposite faces of this pandemic. So this IV edition will serve to unite and claim for everyone´s rights to education, culture and above all to life, fundamental rights that we must preserve.


Nothing better than music, which always accompanies, everything unites and also sometime helps to cure for this clasclás, in which the Guarneri Trio Prague will delight us with the deep and wonderful tone of their Guarneri and the unique piano of Iván Klansky.


Various ensembles and soloists of wide spectrum, origins and trends will accompany the Trio in an eclectic edition designed for us and that we will present little by little.


This clasclás edition was thought to be made, we want to make it and that is why we will fight till the end, shuffling the different scenes and situations that may arise. Let's live the moment.


The artistic direction of the festival is also working on a possible pedagogical project for this edition, due the insecurity that a new international call for the Young Artist Program (YAP) could cause at this time, so it must wait until everything is fine.


There is a lot to know about this IV edition of  clasclás so pay attention and, while we wait.
Carpe diem !!!

Highlights Clasclás 2021:  carpe  diem!

Masterclasses 2021 video

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