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Cello Republic

Saturday, July 1  9:00 p.m.
Auditorio Municipal

Free entry upon withdrawal at

Winners of cello competitions, soloists and entertainers who keep the highest musical standard along their concerts. These guys has gained fame at concerts as well as on YouTube all around the world. They leave behind sold-out halls, original concert experiences and millions of views.

Despite the fall apart of the original line up of the Prague Cello Quartet, they continue with their artistic vision to make music at the highest level, with originally elaborated arrangements and a proper dose of humor.

Cello Republic are:

Petr Špaček

Jan Zemen

Matěj Štěpánek

Ivan Vokáč


- Jaroslav Ježek :: O ceo na terra


- Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky :: Variacións Rococó


- Antonín Dvořák :: Humoresca


- Aram Kachaturian :: Danza do sable


- Frank Sinatra :: I have got world on a string


- Django Reinhardt :: Belleville


- Pat Ballard :: Mr. Sandman


- Andrew Lloyd Webber :: Heaven in their minds, de Jesucristo Superstar Memory, de Cats


- Vittorio Monti :: Czárdás


- Stevie Wonder :: I wish


- Freddie Mercury :: Don´t stop me now Bohemian Rhapsody


- Andrew Lloyd Webber :: All I ask, de O Pantasma da Ópera Overtura, de O Pantasma da Ópera

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