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Romantic and feminine


Two words define and personalize this seventh edition of claslclás: it is a romantic and feminine festival. Two conditions that, in addition to giving it a unique character, honor us, as they represent values and conditions with which Vilagarcía feels identified.


Romanticism, with all its intense emotional expression, is present in a large part of the programs that the artists participating in the clasclás will perform. As is also present, to a greater extent than ever, the feminine condition. With a poster featuring a true music legend such as pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja, internationally renowned Spanish figures such as Judith Jáuregui or an all-female vocal group, such as Vocalia Taldea.


Given the exceptional reception of the latest editions by the public, the clasclás establishes its headquarters in the municipal auditorium, but does not forget its traditional appointments with two emblematic spaces of the city such as the Pazo da Golpelleira and the Pazo de Rubiáns.


Let us therefore welcome this integrative, open and captivating clasclás, which gains recognition and prestige edition after edition, step by step. Andante!

Alberto Varela Garcia

Mayor of Vilagarcía de Arousa

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