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An open window.

As every year, for the past six years, clasclás opens the door to the many and varied summer activities that Vilagarcía hosts and offers.


Although mainly focused on chamber music, clasclás, a festival without ties or prejudices and increasingly demanding, will also allow us to enjoy a piano recital, an early music concert and a closing concert of a more modern cut. All this in search of enriching and different experiences, both for professionals and lovers of classical music who come to a festival to listen to performers and works of a high artistic level, as well as for anyone who has not yet discovered all the beauty and sensitivity that exists in a musical work.


The clasclás faithfully represents the idea of the democratization of access to culture and education in general that the municipality of Vilagarcía defends and supports. Both in terms of classical music and any other musical representation. While we understand that the dissemination of music, arts and culture in general can become very inspiring and enriching for the public.


Clasclás opens the door to summer in Vilagarcía, but it is a window open to many other things: it opens the ears of many people who approach this music for the first time, it opens our minds, it opens new perspectives and it opens our hearts. let's celebrate it.


Alberto Varela Garcia

Mayor of Vilagarcía de Arousa

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