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Some press releases

"There may be only three members in the Prague Guarneri Trio, but their other statistics are impressively large. Add up their ages and you get 207, which is a lot of musical experience, wisdom, and insight. And after 33 years of playing together, they communicate almost telepathically. Trio playing must doesn’t get any better than the Guarneris.”

Lakeside, Nottingham, 5***** 

William Ruff, 12.12. 2019



"Sensibly illuminating, the three musicians transformed each movement into a precious jewel."

Berner Oberländer, 19. 8. 2019



"From the first note onward, the ensemble impressed with its wonderful sound quality. Without a doubt, this cannot be explained solely by the virtuosity of the artists and the quality of their instruments, but is based on 32 years of making music together. Everything in the Guarneri Trio is extraordinary and the long hymns of praise fall short. It only remains to say that the way they convey the joy and pleasure of making chamber music represents a unique pleasure."

El Mercurio, Santiago de Chile, 11. 10. 2018



"The Prague ensemble is considered one of the greatest exponents of chamber music."

Correo, 30. 10. 2017



"When the Guarneri Trío makes music, musical enjoyment is guaranteed; This is not an advertising slogan, but a wonderful fact."

Jungfrauzeitung 25. 8. 2014



"(…) Expansive melodies, dynamic contrasts, marked accents and sound planes cared for in intensity and projection were some of the pearls of that jeweler that is Dvorak's piece, a benchmark score in Slavic chamber literature with which the Guarneri proved to be what which are: three great masters."

La Vanguardia, 28. 8. 2010



"(…) The Guarneri Trio Prague has several albums in the catalog, including two dedicated to Mozart, one to Schubert, Mendelssohn and Shostakovich and another to Czech masters. His latest release from Praga Digitals, dedicated to Brahms, showcases the important qualities of individual performers, as well as their extraordinarily refined and subtle performance as a whole. I suspect this recording may rival some of the best currently available, including those by the Beaux Arts and Borodin Trios and even the classic Rubinstein, Heifetz, and Feuermann collaboration."

International Record Review, 12. 2007

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