Guarneri Trio Praga

The Guarneri Trio de Praga, belongs to the most renowned piano trios in the world of classical music. Founded by Ivan Klanský, Čeněk Pavlík and Marek Jerie, the Trio drew with its artistically spectacluar performances the attention of the international press early in its carreer.  The Trio has been playing since 1986 in in the same line-up and in 2021 they celebrate 35 years playing together.

The ensemble performs regularly at many international music festivals including the Schleswig-Holstein Festival, Prague Spring, and Folle Journée in Nantes, Bilbao and Tokyo. The trio plays also at prestigious concert venues around the world, in cities like London, Paris, Prague, Madrid, Geneva and Hamburg. It has toured successfully throughout Europe, South and North America, Australia, Japan, the Phillipines and China.

The Guarneri Trio Prague has recorded the complete piano trios of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Schubert, Brahms and Mozart for the French label Praga Digitals and the piano trios of Dvorak for the Czech label Supraphon. For their recordings the Trio was rewarded with many important prices (Diapason d’Or, Le Monde de la Musique, Choc).

The ensemble bears the family name of the makers of both string instruments used by the Trio. Cenek Pavlík plays the famous “Zimbalist“ violin by Guarneri del Gesù from the precious collection of Luigi Tarisio, while Marek Jerie plays a cello made by Andrea Guarneri in l684.

The Guarneri Trio Prague gives frequently master classes in different places all over the world

About the members of the Trio

Čeněk Pavlík is one of the foremost among today’s Czech solo violinists. He has won first prizes at both the Prague and London International Competitions. He lives in the Czech Republic. During his free time, Cenek Pavlik enjoys participating in archaeological digs, and has become an expert in ceramic tiles of the Middle Ages; he is also fascinated by steam locomotives and castles.

Marek Jerie is an outstanding ‘cellist and chamber musician. He has a professorship at the Lucerne Academy of Music, and is a teacher of great dedication; his students include chamber musicians and soloists at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Devoted to his family, he also derives much pleasure from exploring new places and meeting a wide variety of people on his travels.

Ivan Klánský is an eminent Czech pianist, as well as being a highly sought-after teacher. He is Dean of the Faculty of Music at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he also works as a professor teaching graduate soloists and chamber musicians, a task he also performs at the Music Academy  in Lucerne. He has been a junior chess champion of Czechoslovakia and is responsible for organizing the trips of the Guarneri Trio Prague, knowing all the train and flight schedules by heart.


Saturday june 26, 9:00 PM

  • Elegía op. 23
    Josef Suk


  • Piano Trio in G minor, Op.15
    Bĕdrich Smetana

    I. Moderato assai
    II. Allegro, ma non agitato
    III. Finale. Presto


  • Piano Trio, Op. 90 Dumky
    Antonín Dvořák

    I. Lento maestoso
    II. Poco adagio
    III. Andante
    IV. Andante moderato
    V. Allegro
    VI. Lento maestoso