Clasclás 2022:  molto vivace!

The International Classical Music Festival clasclás presents its V edition under the motto molto vivace! which reflects the dizzying and consolidated success obtained by the festival in the four previous editions, the last two of them held under the COVID 19 pandemic. The festival will be from Monday, June 27th to Saturday, July 2nd, 2022.


This V edition will take place again under the artistic direction of the Guarneri Trío Prague, an internationally renowned group from classical music world with 36 years of uninterrupted professional career in the same initial line-up. An emblematic and legendary group for a unique event.


The clasclás distributes its activity in four different programs.


The festival modified in 2021, and with great success, the design of the initial editions towards an Artistic Program, based on groups already formed in origin, with a wide professional trajectory mixed with new rising artists, both of them at the soloist level and in groups of different composition.


The Masterclasses Program, newly created in the IV edition, will continue to support institutional agreements in collaboration with different high music schools or conservatories, among which are the highest ones of the country. On the other hand, in this V edition the Masterclasses program will focus on the instrumental specialties of violin, cello and piano, as well as duets of different combinations of these instruments.


We will continue betting on the beloved Social and Community Program, if the conditions of the epidemiological situation allow it, which has caused so many joys to all those who participate in the clasclás, attendees, participants and organizers. A program designed to bring classical music to different groups in our society that, for different reasons or causes, do not have the facilities to approach it.


In this V edition we will complete the offer with the new Program “clasclás at street” in

which different groups from the Professional Conservatory and the Municipal School of Music will perform music in squares and streets of Vilagarcía, making the entire population of the city participate in the clasclás.

One more opportunity, and we have now added five, to enjoy high quality music aimed at diverse audiences.


| Organizing committee |


President | Alberto Varela Paz, Vilagarcía de Arousa Major.

First Executive Vice President | Argimiro Serén Mera, Councilor for Education.

Second Vice President | Sonia Outón Casal Councilor for Culture

Artistic Direction | Guarneri Trío Prague. Ivan Klanský, Čeněk Pavlík and Marek Jerie.

Technical direction | Rosina Sobrido Fernández and Vladimira Smausová.

Social and Community Coordination | María Galbán Zaragoza

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