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Cuarteto Caramuxo

Wednesday, June 29  9:00 p.m.

Pazo de Rubiáns

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The Caramuxo Quartet is a sextet made up of four clarinettists, an accordionist and a percussionist who reinterpret traditional Galician music from a contemporary perspective in which compositions elaborated with great delicacy and full of connotations are mixed with all kinds of musical styles, instrumentation surprising in a folk music group and a careful staging derived from his experience in theater shows.


In its history, the Caramuxo Quartet was awarded a María Casares Theater Prize for music in the show Viento Mareiro (2006), the Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation Folk Song Contest Prize (2008) publishing its first album “Tiruriru”, Opinion Award for Folk Music (2010), second place in the Runas 2014 contest at the Ortigueira Festival, as well as the Martin Codax Award for Galician Music for the best folk music group in 2014, of which they were also finalists in the 2013 edition. In 2015 they published their second work! Arrieiros somos!".


Caramuxo Quartet are:

Xulia Feixoo, percussion

Marcos Padrón, accordion

Felipe Agell. requinto and soprano clarinets

Xoán Carlos Vázquez, soprano clarinet

Oscar Prieto, soprano and bass clarinets

Fernando Abreu soprano bass and double bass clarinets

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